ladies, please don’t settle.

To all my ladies out there, I want to tell you something.

I want to tell you to wait. 

Please wait for the one the Lord has hand picked for you.

You see, we rush because we want intimacy right now.

We settle because we don’t want to wait, because we are lonely, because we think we don’t deserve better, because my dad didn’t love me so why do I deserve someone who does, because my mom left me so why would I deserve someone who would actually want to commit to me, because my pops was an addict so why do I deserve someone who could take me out on a date without getting high first.

We give our bodies away because we think that’s what will make him stay.

We let ourselves be walked all over, talked down to, because we think maybe that’s all I deserve.

We think maybe that’s what love is.

But can we have a heart to heart real quick, that’s not what love is.

I know because I’ve been there, because I’ve settled, because I’ve given this body away. Because I once and still struggle to believe I deserve who the Lord has hand picked for me. I’ve let my heart be stomped all over, used, forgotten, trampled on, forsaken and now I’m afraid. I’m afraid for whoever it may be to see the neglected, dirty places of who I used to be, the decisions I used to make.

But Jesus didn’t come for us to settle, He didn’t come for the clean ones, the holy ones, the pure ones, He came for the bruised up, dirty, broken ones. And He didn’t come for just part of our hearts, oh no sis, he came for those parts you don’t want to tell anyone about, he came for that part of you that you have never let anyone into, that part of you that brings shame, guilt, and He came to love that part of you. That part of you that you don’t think anyone could ever love, you know what I’m talking about, yeah that’s what He came for.

When He came, He came for ALL of you, every part and He came to give you life and love that is sweeter than honey,  He came to give you all of Himself, all His love. And the thing about Jesus is that when he said “for better, or worse”, he already knew what he was getting into, he already saw it all, and he isn’t giving up on you; our Jesus doesn’t have shaky knees, He doesn’t leave when things get tough and messy. He has committed to you, you have His word and He’s staying.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

So let Him be your man and if it’s His will, let Him bring that man into your life.

But for now wait, because He told you you’re worth it and He wants to wash over you with the wildest, fiercest love there is. Because when He sees you, He is captivated and so completely in love with you. Let Him be your lover.


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