where are our eyes?

You know what is crazy? As children of God, we have been given the freedom of not being in charge of our mess. We are not in control of our mess, we don’t have to touch it, we don’t have to try to clean it. It is now Christ’s mess.  This is extremely hard to […]

the most precious treasure.

Jesus is like a treasure chest. With his help, He opens the lid of the treasure chest for us to begin a journey and relationship with Him. At first, we are so amazed by the brightness and love of Jesus and we just stand there in awe of Him. But soon after, our eyes get […]

a heart journey to the Dominican.

There are barely enough words to describe the journey God took me on to the Dominican Republic. God is crazy good in all ways. But to summarize the novel I could probably write about my trip, I will say that if you have never experienced a different culture… go, right now. Well, God willing. … […]

what are you living for?

Jesus is an all or nothing kinda deal. When He called you into relationship with Him, He called you to a life lived for Him- totally and completely. He doesn’t just want bits and pieces of your life, but all of it. He wants all of you and when you give Him all of you, […]

Jesus takes His time with us.

Jesus takes His time with us. He gently and patiently works in us to transform us to be made more into who we really are, which is more and more like Him. There is too many awesome words to describe Jesus, but one of them is gentle and another one is patient. He is so […]