what about the tough questions?

Can we really ask God the big questions?

I don’t know, let’s ask him.

Maybe that’s where it all starts.. a simple question. A simple question that is actually pretty profound, powerful, and could change your whole life.

What if you started asking God those questions you bury in your heart? The tough questions? The questions that you feel you “shouldn’t” ask God cause your a “good” Christian and no you never, ever doubt God (or at least you shouldn’t say you do out loud)?

You know the thing about God is that he wants a relationship with us. He isn’t some dictator, this isn’t out of fear… this is love. That’s what he wants it to be at least. Sometimes we get twisted though and we forget that he is our father too. And our friend.

And we ask our friends questions. We talk to them about what’s going on in our heads. We tell them things we wouldn’t want to tell anyone else. Things we think.

And that’s what God wants. He wants you to ask him those questions that are rattling in your brain, in your heart, the questions that are keeping you from being able to open his word, the questions that we all wrestle with but never want to say out loud because we don’t think we should.

God did a pretty cool thing today.

Yesterday I was talking to my Uncle Frederick, one of the wisest (and coolest) people I know (but I know right now he would say all glory to God so I will say it for him, all glory to God). I asked him if he ever tries to read the word and just can’t, like there is a road block, a prevention. He said ya, and he said that usually that happens when he doesn’t clear his head first, when he doesn’t lay down before God all those things he is wrestling with first.

He also said God is always speaking to us, but it’s something in us that prevents us from hearing from him.

I thought about that. Dang. I rush in, and I forget to stop. Stop and talk with my father, my friend, my God about those things I’m wrestling with. These questions that keep building up in my heart and I keep pushing aside cuz I don’t want to deal with them or I think I shouldn’t ask those questions, I should know the answer already.

But what if I stopped and I asked them anyway?

What if I was honest for once? Honest about my questions I have? What if I asked God those tough questions? And what if I found that when I asked him those tough questions, he answered?

Well he did today… and so I am saying yes. You will ask him those tough questions and he will answer. But you have to ask without expectations of what you think the answer should be, you have to ask and expect his will to be done.

Because what if God actually did want us to ask him those tough questions? Those questions that beat us up? The ones we don’t understand, can’t understand?

What if you asked him what is preventing you from hearing from him?

What if you asked… and this isn’t a what if, but an and he said: “It will also come to pass that before they call, I will answer and while they are still speaking, I will hear.” Isaiah 65:24. 

That cool thing God did… today I asked him a question I have been wrestling with: how can we know the genuineness of others faiths? What if there are people who abuse the faith we believe?

He told me … “who are you looking at? are you looking at others or me? are you allowing others to determine who I am? circumstances to determine who I am or are you looking at me to determine who I AM?” 

Then a couple hours later, I opened a letter from my friend Brook (i love this girl) and in it was the Isaiah 65:24 verse above… she wrote that letter last week. Think about it for a second.

Ask God the tough questions, ask him the easy ones, lay before him questions you have been wrestling with for years, months, weeks… he is God, trust me, he can handle them. He has answers for us, answers he wants to tell us. So ask.



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