a heart journey to the Dominican.

There are barely enough words to describe the journey God took me on to the Dominican Republic. God is crazy good in all ways. But to summarize the novel I could probably write about my trip, I will say that if you have never experienced a different culture… go, right now. Well, God willing. … […]

in time.

God is something else; wonderfully mysterious, the most magical artist ever to be known. The way He uses our darkest moments, our greatest doubts, our tiniest moments of faith to paint a much grander picture… it is indescribable… He is indescribable. Isn’t it crazy that the things we struggle with the most, God works and […]

just love.

Sometimes things become so messy and confusing and we begin to forget our greatest purpose. Sometimes we are so overcome with trying to fix people and to speak truth to them and to help them overcome their depression or their addiction. Sometimes we can just see why people are in pain and we want to […]

community through [ephesians].

Community is one of the most beautiful things I have experienced, especially this week. It is so beautiful to be connected with our brothers and sisters in Christ, to pray with them and encourage them. To simply have a connection with someone because of what God has done in your life is incredible and absolutely […]