my love letter.

To you God,

You take my breath away a thousand times over. In a day. You are beautiful. I love for my eyes to look around at what you have made. Everything so intricate and distinctively designed for a purpose. The way you make the snow fall. The way that every snowflake has a peculiar shape and lands just right on the edge of a leaf. No two things you have made the same, which reflects how exclusively we are made. You are wonderful in all your ways- how you made your world so extraordinary to look at, so that it would all point back to you. How much love you put into your design, every leaf, every mountain, every river designed with a passionate love behind it. The way a lake reflects the trees around it, the way the sunset is never the same. Maybe, your showing us that with every new day, we are never the same. We are constantly growing and being shaped by our experiences of the day. You are incredible Lord. Every design you have made has a magnificent metaphor to it, representing something much bigger. How you connect everything, showing us that to flourish we need to be connected. God, the way you made us- each with individual desires and passions, minds and thoughts, feelings and emotions that only we can articulate out into the world, specific to how we articulate- which you also made specific to each of us. How everything we say, every thought and spoken word reflects something deeper within us; the fact that no two people can reflect the same meaning in their words. Each of us have experienced lives that have shaped and molded different areas of our hearts. God, you are absolutely astounding. You know what baffles me even more about you… is that you didn’t even have to think about all of this, you didn’t have to try to figure it out- but you just did it. You just did it. You don’t have to try to figure anything out, you just know. But all these characteristics of you; your creativity, your intellect, your deep love, your passions, your desires, your different skills- you didn’t keep them to yourself. You poured them out into us. Thank you for constantly pursuing us. Thank you for always loving us. Thank you for you. I never want to stop discovering you God.

This is a love letter to you, I know it will never be able to contend with the love letter you have written to us and the love letters you write on our hearts daily. But I wrote it to you anyway because you deserve it and I want to make you smile.

I love you,




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