pieces, puzzles.

Even in the midst of our confusion, God is faithful. Even when nothing makes sense, God is faithful. Even when we feel stuck, God is faithful.

When all we see is buildings collapsed to the ground around us, like everything’s falling apart- He sees what we don’t see.

I once listened to a sermon called Piece it Together by Elevation Church and the pastor talked about puzzles, I think it inspired this writing some…

Jesus sees what we don’t. He sees the end, the whole picture, every piece. You see how can we see the big picture when are apart of the picture, how can we see the picture of the finished puzzle, when right now we are just in a piece of it? How can we see the picture, when are in the picture?

It is quite impossible.

But Jesus is outside of the picture, outside of the puzzle, looking in, able to interact with it.

But we are inside.

One day we will see the big picture, the finished product… and we still may not even understand then and I don’t think we will need to or want to because we will be in his arms, where we truly belong.

I long to see Jesus, to touch his face, be held in his arms… life gets so hard sometimes, lonely. I miss him. It is so easy to mask up and pretend to be something we aren’t, to pretend we got it all together when we are actually falling apart. To try to be strong, when we are feeling so weak.

It would be so easy just to be able to see him, to see you Lord. But what would faith be? This would be so easy , but I have learned that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Maybe that is another piece of my puzzle, of your puzzle.

It is hard to be in the process, but for goodness sake … we know our puzzle maker… and we know that he is good. He isn’t gonna leave us half finished, even when we want to leave ourselves that way cuz we’ve had enough of failure, sin, addiction, brokenness, whatever it may be.

We know that this is what he is good at. He is the creator for a reason, the puzzle maker, the painter for a reason… it’s his job. He’s a pro, he’s faithful. He doesn’t give up, get tired, doesn’t rush through but he takes his time.

He pieces our pieces together with care, patiently, placing them exactly where they belong because he cares like that. Your puzzle matters to him.

But often it gets confusing for us, when we can’t see, when we don’t understand and we want to figure it out. We drive ourselves crazy and take it into our hands, trying to put pieces where we think they belong.

Stop. Stop trying to build your own puzzle, placing pieces where they don’t belong. I’m preaching to myself right now. I wasn’t created to be the puzzle maker, but I keep trying to be. The Lord God, that’s his job… he doesn’t fail. He sees the whole picture, he doesn’t rush, and he is good. He is good. He is good.

He is good to us. He’s got your puzzle, he’s got mine. Let’s let him build it. He is shaping something we could never fathom on our own, something we could never dream up, or even make sense of. No matter where you are at, he’s there… he’s in it with you.

Right now, we are works in progress… works of art still being crafted on. We must be gentle on ourselves, and enjoy the journey.

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And when I wake up you are still with me. Psalm 139:18:

Psalm 46:10, 2 Corinthians 12:9

Jesus, help us allow you to be our puzzle maker.


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