ladies, please don’t settle.

To all my ladies out there, I want to tell you something. I want to tell you to wait.┬á Please wait for the one the Lord has hand picked for you. You see, we rush because we want intimacy right now. We settle because we don’t want to wait, because we are lonely, because we […]

´╗┐waiting on the Lord.

Lord, help us wait on You. Help us wait for Your good and perfect timing, for you know what is already absolute best. Forgive us Lord for being a people of impatience, who rush your plan and do not wait for it to unfold Jesus. Forgive us for when we have become impatient with you […]


Imagine if for one moment, the clocks stopped Imagine if we stopped everything for one moment Stopped thinking of what we had to do next or tomorrow What if we sat down with someone and just enjoyed their presence What if we actually soaked in every moment God has given us What if for one […]

sponsor a child.

About a year ago, God placed it in my heart to sponsor a child through World Vision. Every month, money is donated to this little girl from Ghana I sponsor and it has provided her with food and water and essentials to survive. The coolest part about this is that you can write your child […]