hope that remains.


Where do you get your hope? Where is your hope found in? What do you do when what you hope in runs out, leaves you, ends?

I have learned the hard way that hoping in tangible things, even people, leaves you empty. For so much of my life, I kept running after people’s affections, how they perceive me, view me, think of me. My hope was in others.

Empty feelings were all that were left. Voids

It’s like my soul knew something was missing. 


And that something was someone. Someone who came to be my hope, my only hope. Someone who came to be a hope that endures, that prevails, that perseveres. Someone with a wild, fierce, unrelenting love.

That something was someone who is Jesus.

At my lowest estate, in my pit of despair, he took my hand and he carried me. He carried me into life, into love, into hope.

You see, we live in darkness and we are covered with darkness, each one of us is dripping with it. We can’t escape our disease of sin. But the Lord still wanted us, even with all that disease. So Jesus came to the Earth. But when He came to the Earth, He had nothing to attract us to himself. [Isaiah 53:2] He came in a low position.

His time on Earth, he endured great suffering, tragedy, rejection, and pain. His life wasn’t easy. But he endured for the cross, he endured for you and for me. As he was up on that cross, he took on all of our disease. He was our sacrifice, our cure, our healing. 

He came that we may know him and live in the abundant life of love, peace, hope, and joy that he created for us. Just take his hand!!

The difference between having hope in Jesus and having hope in mankind, or even in yourself is a vast one.

Mankind and you are constantly changing. We are unstable. Our love is affected by how we feel, our moods change with every hour of the day. We are broken and we disappoint one another and ourselves. But Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow [Hebrews 13:8]. He doesn’t run on how other people think of him, he doesn’t need approval, he doesn’t even need us to believe in him to be God. For He is the Lord, apart from us. He remains the same.

He always will be who he says he is. He doesn’t fluctuate. He is constant and he wants to be our hope. He came that we may have life and have to the full [John 10:10].

There is a hope available to you that endures for eternity, will you take hold of this free gift? His hand is reaching for yours. 

And what I am learning is that even as believers, we need to grab his hand daily. Each morning waking up and making him our only hope, our first, second, and third hope. Asking him to be our only hope, our confidence, our security, and all that we need."I have come into the world as light so that no one who believes in me need remain in the dark." ~John 12:46 Free Coloring Page:



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