I can’t be all these things.

I am going to be honest, this past week has been a struggle for me. I have felt so overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by all the things that I think I have to be, all of the expectations I am placing on myself. How can I be a daughter, a sister, a friend, a leader, a disciple, […]

grace as ground.

One of the reasons God brought here this summer was to deepen my faith in Him. I know that sounds simple, oh but it ain’t that simple sister. To be deepened in our faith, we first have to be stretched and challenged to need faith. We first have to need God like never before. Yes, […]

where are our eyes?

You know what is crazy? As children of God, we have been given the freedom of not being in charge of our mess. We are not in control of our mess, we don’t have to touch it, we don’t have to try to clean it. It is now Christ’s mess.  This is extremely hard to […]

why you should go when God calls you.

When you feel God tugging on your heart to go, please go. It may be the scariest, craziest thing you could’ve never imagined yourself doing, but God has an amazing plan for you. He will bless you in unimaginable ways, so go. Here is some of the reasons you should go: God has called YOU […]

for you.

Today, I wanted to remind you of this. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. I hope you know that you are loved beyond a doubt. I hope you know that you matter. You are so very important. You are most definitely needed in this world. You have a purpose. One that I hope you find, […]