past, now, Jesus.

I see pictures from my past and shame floods my heart. I want to hid, I want to forget about all the ways I searched for beauty, acceptance, and love with my body. I beat my body up; working out and doing crazy diets. I spent excessive money on clothes that I thought would make […]

just love.

Sometimes things become so messy and confusing and we begin to forget our greatest purpose. Sometimes we are so overcome with trying to fix people and to speak truth to them and to help them overcome their depression or their addiction. Sometimes we can just see why people are in pain and we want to […]

for you.

Today, I wanted to remind you of this. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. I hope you know that you are loved beyond a doubt. I hope you know that you matter. You are so very important. You are most definitely needed in this world. You have a purpose. One that I hope you find, […]

“in you.”

God transforms hearts in totally unbelievable ways. He wants to restore you. He wants to heal you. He wants to fill the emptiness in your soul with His life- changing love. You need only to be still and let Him. Dwell with Him and He will transform you. He will do all the work. God […]


God, a thousand times over again You will teach me grace. “GRACE: GOD’S LOVE IN ACTION TOWARDS MEN WHO MERITED THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE. GOD MOVING HEAVEN AND EARTH TO SAVE SINNERS WHO COULD NOT LIFT A FINGER TO SAVE THEMSELVES.” It is only by your amazing grace that I am rescued and saved from […]