In the silence…

Silence. I pray, seek, ask, beg… yet silence.  I hear nothing from you God, where have you gone? Why have you left me? Feelings. You feel so far Lord, I just want to feel you near, I want to feel you close. I feel nothing Lord.  But what are feelings that they are greater than […]

the love of Christ for Syria.

I wanted to share this article that the president of World Vision wrote, he talks about the Syrian children and what they live in. You see we have been given resources over here in America, don’t try to deny it. We have a power, we have a power to ignore or to run into what […]

grace as ground.

One of the reasons God brought here this summer was to deepen my faith in Him. I know that sounds simple, oh but it ain’t that simple sister. To be deepened in our faith, we first have to be stretched and challenged to need faith. We first have to need God like never before. Yes, […]

the unrelenting power of prayer.

Prayer is powerful. Sometimes it hard to feel that or see that, but it truly is. We as followers of Christ Jesus, must be a people of prayer. When we become a people of prayer, we are completely dependent upon the power of the Holy Spirit. When we pray, God works. When we pray, we […]

uncomfortably made faith.

Sometimes it feels like we are crying and crying and crying out to our God. Where are you God, why do you feel so far away? Why is this happening? And sometimes we don’t get a response. To some things the answers we may never know. But isn’t that a part of what faith is. […]

here am I, send me.

In only 15 days I will be embarking on my adventure to Milwaukee, I know, I am making it sound like I am going on a voyage but nonetheless we may as well call it that- it sounds cool. In fifteen days I step into an unknown place, full of unknowns and more unknowns. I […]