pieces, puzzles.

Even in the midst of our confusion, God is faithful. Even when nothing makes sense, God is faithful. Even when we feel stuck, God is faithful. When all we see is buildings collapsed to the ground around us, like everything’s falling apart- He sees what we don’t see. I once listened to a sermon called […]

I can’t be all these things.

I am going to be honest, this past week has been a struggle for me. I have felt so overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by all the things that I think I have to be, all of the expectations I am placing on myself. How can I be a daughter, a sister, a friend, a leader, a disciple, […]

wonderful things are ahead.

Yesterday I was sitting on a rock and this was my view. Now, of course, the picture doesn’t do it justice at all and I so wish that you could see the landscape way off in the distance of trees clustered together all changing colors with the fall. The sun wasn’t hitting where I was […]

A lot of times we forget to check where our eyes are, where they actually are focused. I have caught myself unknowingly looking everywhere but into the eyes of Jesus. Lord, forgive me. There is power when you look into His face, when you ask him to help you keep your eyes fixed on him. […]

I dare you to choose truth.

Last week as I was sitting out on my porch, I started to think ahead into the future, wondering what would come of it and I become hopeless and lonely. As my mind started to try to think of ways to deflect what I was feeling and make it feel better, I had remembered a […]

the love of Christ for Syria.

I wanted to share this article that the president of World Vision wrote, he talks about the Syrian children and what they live in. You see we have been given resources over here in America, don’t try to deny it. We have a power, we have a power to ignore or to run into what […]

grace as ground.

One of the reasons God brought here this summer was to deepen my faith in Him. I know that sounds simple, oh but it ain’t that simple sister. To be deepened in our faith, we first have to be stretched and challenged to need faith. We first have to need God like never before. Yes, […]