pieces, puzzles.

Even in the midst of our confusion, God is faithful. Even when nothing makes sense, God is faithful. Even when we feel stuck, God is faithful. When all we see is buildings collapsed to the ground around us, like everything’s falling apart- He sees what we don’t see. I once listened to a sermon called […]

my story [set free].

I have never yet shared my story on here and I am not sure why, so here is my story. Rejection stung at a young age when my mom wasn’t there emotionally for me and the pain lingered, noticeably ignored. My dad got me involved in church and at a young age I believed that […]

truth sets us free.

Freedom is found in the truth and the truth is found in Jesus.  Everything on earth is fleeting, our emotions are fleeting, our feelings are fleeting, our thoughts are fleeting… we as humans are fleeting, it is impossible for us to be consistent. What I am saying is that we can’t rely on what we […]