past, now, Jesus.

I see pictures from my past and shame floods my heart. I want to hid, I want to forget about all the ways I searched for beauty, acceptance, and love with my body. I beat my body up; working out and doing crazy diets. I spent excessive money on clothes that I thought would make […]

wonderful things are ahead.

Yesterday I was sitting on a rock and this was my view. Now, of course, the picture doesn’t do it justice at all and I so wish that you could see the landscape way off in the distance of trees clustered together all changing colors with the fall. The sun wasn’t hitting where I was […]

the unrelenting power of prayer.

Prayer is powerful. Sometimes it hard to feel that or see that, but it truly is. We as followers of Christ Jesus, must be a people of prayer. When we become a people of prayer, we are completely dependent upon the power of the Holy Spirit. When we pray, God works. When we pray, we […]

why you should go when God calls you.

When you feel God tugging on your heart to go, please go. It may be the scariest, craziest thing you could’ve never imagined yourself doing, but God has an amazing plan for you. He will bless you in unimaginable ways, so go. Here is some of the reasons you should go: God has called YOU […]

prayer: love for Afghanistan.

Prayer is powerful. Prayer draws people closer to God. Prayer is walking in love. God is pressing it on us to pray for these nations, to not forget about them, but to use our voices to bring them closer to our Savior. “Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those […]

this is your moment.

Too often we think we don’t have any purpose in anything we are doing today, right now. But recently, my dad reminded me of some very wise words; that we can touch someone else’s heart just in the way we speak to them, smile at them, or interact with them. We are alive right now […]