I can’t be all these things.

I am going to be honest, this past week has been a struggle for me. I have felt so overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by all the things that I think I have to be, all of the expectations I am placing on myself. How can I be a daughter, a sister, a friend, a leader, a disciple, […]

waiting on the Lord.

Lord, help us wait on You. Help us wait for Your good and perfect timing, for you know what is already absolute best. Forgive us Lord for being a people of impatience, who rush your plan and do not wait for it to unfold Jesus. Forgive us for when we have become impatient with you […]

I dare you to choose truth.

Last week as I was sitting out on my porch, I started to think ahead into the future, wondering what would come of it and I become hopeless and lonely. As my mind started to try to think of ways to deflect what I was feeling and make it feel better, I had remembered a […]

grace as ground.

One of the reasons God brought here this summer was to deepen my faith in Him. I know that sounds simple, oh but it ain’t that simple sister. To be deepened in our faith, we first have to be stretched and challenged to need faith. We first have to need God like never before. Yes, […]

being set free [week 1…ish]

Oh boy oh boy, where do I begin? It is now July 11 and I have just decided to write down specifically each week as it happened. What else would you expect from me though… (ps. this is only the first two days, cause God taught me something super cool just within the first two days) […]


Imagine if for one moment, the clocks stopped Imagine if we stopped everything for one moment Stopped thinking of what we had to do next or tomorrow What if we sat down with someone and just enjoyed their presence What if we actually soaked in every moment God has given us What if for one […]