rise up.

It starts with one step… just one step… give. Give, a little, a lot, whatever you have. Give so that these people will survive. This is their lives on the line. You, we, can be apart of their journey. We can be the hands and feet of Jesus to these people. Love is crazy, it’s […]

digging up lies [rejection].

Today, I felt weird and I tend to feel weird a lot and not be able to describe what is causing it. After giving it some thought and not just pushing it aside as usual, I discovered that I have a lot of repressed emotions, as a lot of you probably do as well. In […]


God, a thousand times over again You will teach me grace. “GRACE: GOD’S LOVE IN ACTION TOWARDS MEN WHO MERITED THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE. GOD MOVING HEAVEN AND EARTH TO SAVE SINNERS WHO COULD NOT LIFT A FINGER TO SAVE THEMSELVES.” It is only by your amazing grace that I am rescued and saved from […]