hearing His voice.

I wouldn’t say I am an expert on this topic, not even close and I know there are so many sermons out there about discerning the voice of God. Sometimes I think we, or at least I, can make it so complicated that it becomes a checklist to hear his voice. And I believe it’s […]

I dare you to choose truth.

Last week as I was sitting out on my porch, I started to think ahead into the future, wondering what would come of it and I become hopeless and lonely. As my mind started to try to think of ways to deflect what I was feeling and make it feel better, I had remembered a […]

in time.

God is something else; wonderfully mysterious, the most magical artist ever to be known. The way He uses our darkest moments, our greatest doubts, our tiniest moments of faith to paint a much grander picture… it is indescribable… He is indescribable. Isn’t it crazy that the things we struggle with the most, God works and […]

face your fears.

¬†You can’t be afraid to let your feet dangle over open water sometimes. God challenges us to trust Him, even in the midst of the storm. God calls us into the unknown; He calls us to an open body of water; vast and deep. It looks so scary from where we are standing and we […]