my story [set free].

I have never yet shared my story on here and I am not sure why, so here is my story. Rejection stung at a young age when my mom wasn’t there emotionally for me and the pain lingered, noticeably ignored. My dad got me involved in church and at a young age I believed that […]

being set free [week 1…ish]

Oh boy oh boy, where do I begin? It is now July 11 and I have just decided to write down specifically each week as it happened.¬†What else would you expect from me though… (ps. this is only the first two days, cause God taught me something super cool just within the first two days) […]

what are you living for?

Jesus is an all or nothing kinda deal. When He called you into relationship with Him, He called you to a life lived for Him- totally and completely. He doesn’t just want bits and pieces of your life, but all of it. He wants all of you and when you give Him all of you, […]