past, now, Jesus.

I see pictures from my past and shame floods my heart. I want to hid, I want to forget about all the ways I searched for beauty, acceptance, and love with my body. I beat my body up; working out and doing crazy diets. I spent excessive money on clothes that I thought would make […]


God, a thousand times over again You will teach me grace. “GRACE: GOD’S LOVE IN ACTION TOWARDS MEN WHO MERITED THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE. GOD MOVING HEAVEN AND EARTH TO SAVE SINNERS WHO COULD NOT LIFT A FINGER TO SAVE THEMSELVES.” It is only by your amazing grace that I am rescued and saved from […]

Take Your Eyes Off

  Our eyes can be very quick to judge and can also be misleading. For when we make judgements off of someone’s appearance, we are not making judgements off of their heart, soul, or mind. Learn to not give your eyes power, but instead let your heart see the world. Learn to love people for […]

Inspiring Words

Awhile ago, I was very fascinated with a couple words; authentic and genuine. They are synonyms of one another and to sum them up in one word, for me, would be real. I think these words are powerful and I strive for these words to describe me. When I think of authentic, I think orginal […]

Finding Yourself

As my first semester is coming to a close, I have learned so much about myself and grown so much as a person. God put me here to be alone with myself and with my thoughts. A lot of times, we are constantly surrounded by noise and business that we don’t have the time to […]