pieces, puzzles.

Even in the midst of our confusion, God is faithful. Even when nothing makes sense, God is faithful. Even when we feel stuck, God is faithful. When all we see is buildings collapsed to the ground around us, like everything’s falling apart- He sees what we don’t see. I once listened to a sermon called […]

unanswered questions.

I sit, my body at rest, but my mind working tirelessly like a coo coo clock that won’t stop chiming. All the questions, vigorously bouncing back and forth like springs in my mind, striving to attach themselves to some kind of lifeform, some kind of reasoning, some kind of rationale. These springs, they never grow […]

Jesus takes His time with us.

Jesus takes His time with us. He gently and patiently works in us to transform us to be made more into who we really are, which is more and more like Him. There is too many awesome words to describe Jesus, but one of them is gentle and another one is patient. He is so […]

in time.

God is something else; wonderfully mysterious, the most magical artist ever to be known. The way He uses our darkest moments, our greatest doubts, our tiniest moments of faith to paint a much grander picture… it is indescribable… He is indescribable. Isn’t it crazy that the things we struggle with the most, God works and […]

we are His art.

“I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.” Jeremiah 33:6 Peace:¬†freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility;¬†freedom from or the cessation of war or violence. Anxiety seems to cause a war within us, a war in our hearts, our minds. It takes over everything, it seems to be like a […]

Take Your Eyes Off

  Our eyes can be very quick to judge and can also be misleading. For when we make judgements off of someone’s appearance, we are not making judgements off of their heart, soul, or mind. Learn to not give your eyes power, but instead let your heart see the world. Learn to love people for […]

Inspiring Words

Awhile ago, I was very fascinated with a couple words; authentic and genuine. They are synonyms of one another and to sum them up in one word, for me, would be real. I think these words are powerful and I strive for these words to describe me. When I think of authentic, I think orginal […]