crazy love. 

What does a crazy love look like? 

I just saw this right now and wanted to share this with you. 

The God we serve is unfathomable. 

The God we believe in is a God who loved us before we loved Him. In fact, He loved us at our worst, at our ugliest. When we turned our backs on Him, He loved us. When we didn’t believe a word He said, He loved us. When we spit on Him, He loved us.

And the crazy thing about God is that He loves us the same EVEN after being saved and the ugly parts show. Even now when we have a fit of rage, when we want our own way. Even now when we mess up as believers, He still loves us with a radical, life-giving, relentless love.

Christ died for us while we were still sinners, and He died for us even after we stepped into relationship with Him and have messy hearts.

He knows our condition of sin, yet He still chooses to love us.

Our God is a God who fights for us right where we are and our God is a God who doesn’t lose… Just sayin. 

Maybe you need to hear right now… That our God is a God with a mighty, powerful, and furocious love. His love changes everything and His love fights for you. He loves you right now, even in all the mess. He wants you. 

But will you fight for Him? Do you want Him? Will you grab His hand? 

Let His love come into those dark parts, into those parts you let no one else see and bring life to them. Let His love come and transform those dark spots into morning light. 

…He’s pretty good at doing those kinda things :-p

How has His crazy love transformed you? Your life?


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