it’s all in your perspective.

Raising support to be able to go on a summer mission this summer to Milwaukee has been a lot of up and down for me. I can be stubborn, okay I am stubborn, and set in my ways a lot of times of how I think things should be. (Can I get an amen? …come on be honest with yourself)

For those of you have heard stories of someone raising support or maybe you are the one raising support, it can be really discouraging if you are only looking at it from one angle.

You know when I think of sharing stories from your support raising and how God brought people to give, I always thought the story had to go something along the lines of someone giving $1000 to get your amount fully covered at the end. Needless to say, when no one was giving $1000 I was like, really God (I wish I could use emojis or something to show an angry face).

But then the other day as I began to write thank you’s and was writing down the list of names to write cards to, I realized that my list was full of a bunch of names of really awesome people. It was also a lot longer than I had noticed; 23 people. Twenty-three people had taken money out of their bank account and time out of their busy schedule to give to me to be able to go this summer. Within those twenty-three people, some just didn’t give checks but also gave me a little handwritten card that said they’ll be praying for me, thinking of me, and are excited to see how God grows and challenges me this summer.

I think I could cry right now because it means so much to me that these people would support me to go do God’s work and really just how much they have encouraged me… way more than they realize.

God had changed my perspective from wanting to see large checks come in, to noticing smaller checks but more people, more hearts. Cause if each person gave $500, only 6 people would be needed to support me and God didn’t want that. He wanted to bring a large community in to support this mission; He wanted me to see that each person He has picked to support will give what they can and that is more than enough. He wanted me to stop looking at the size of the check and look at the people behind them and how many are willing to give what they can to send me.

Ya know, this reminds of who Jesus is and who He uses to further His kingdom.

He doesn’t just pick 5-10 people on Earth to follow Him and further His kingdom here. He wants all of us to be a part of His work; He uses many, far and wide, to become one body of believers all with different gifts and abilities to contribute to His work here on Earth.

I believe He wants us to realize that together, we are stronger. That when there is more of us, there is more Jesus in that.

[1 Corinthians 12:12-31]

We weren’t meant to do any of this alone; we were meant to stand together, as one body, supporting, encouraging, strengthening, praying for, being real with and loving one another.

Thank you to everyone who has given and is praying for me and this summer mission, it means a real lot to me. 🙂

and one more thing, I challenge you to challenge your perspective on something. Maybe you’ll find something good in looking at it another way.


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