here am I, send me.

In only 15 days I will be embarking on my adventure to Milwaukee, I know, I am making it sound like I am going on a voyage but nonetheless we may as well call it that- it sounds cool.

In fifteen days I step into an unknown place, full of unknowns and more unknowns. I will be going on a summer mission to the fourth poorest city in the nation, where the public high school graduation rate is only 60 percent. I have no clue what to expect, but I do know one thing and that is that this city is desperately in need of Jesus. It needs love, hope, encouragement, freedom, joy- the things found in Jesus alone.

The thing about Jesus is that He became one of us. He came down to our level, sat with us, talked with us, became human for us in order for us to become rich [2 Corinthians 8:9]. And now Jesus calls us to go into those places that are dark, that may be scary, that are filled with hopelessness to shine His light, to reach those people’s hearts and tell them that there is hope, there is freedom freely available to them, and they are loved with a crazy, incomparible, life-giving love.

There is no other love like the love of Jesus. The love of Jesus has the ability to break chains, to set the captives free, to bind the brokenhearted, to release the prisoners from darkness [Isaiah 61:1]. But this love can’t be spread if we are keeping it to ourselves, we must go out into the world, into our communities, schools, workplaces, etc; the love of Jesus was never meant to be kept to ourselves- it is way too great for that.

We are all just broken, messy humans wandering the earth trying to figure out our purpose, trying to find healing from our pain, our wounds, trying to fill this nagging emptiness inside of us. And by the grace of God, some of us have found Jesus and now live for Him and are being made whole because of Him. But there are those who have never heard, or have never experienced what the love of Jesus is like and for those of us who are being made whole, we must tell the world of this treasure we have found, of this Savior who fills that emptiness inside of us, of our healer who heals our deepest wounds and turns them into victories, into hope for others.

You don’t have to wait for a mission’s trip to tell the world of this love, of Jesus, you just have to be alive.

This summer I pray that God will use those on my summer mission and I to reach His love to the hearts of those who are broken and lost, to shake up the city of Milwaukee and show the world the everlasting, unconditional love of our Savior.

Please pray for me and those going on this summer mission and also for Milwaukee.

And if you would, would you consider helping support me to go financially? click here!

God is on the move in incredible ways and I thank you for your prayers, thoughts, donations- I really, really do appreciate it and what is so much cooler is that it is not for me, but you are building up the kingdom of God and you are a part of such a bigger mission.


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