giving up.

“Come to me, all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me… for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30

What about depression?

Is this something that can be given to God? What if we don’t know what caused it? What if we can’t trace back the signs and symptoms? Does it still count?


What really even is depression?

As I have been struggling with depression, I have realized that depression comes in all different shapes and sizes. Some depression is easy to spot and some is so hidden that you don’t even know it is affecting you.

I have been struggling with depression and since mine isn’t clinical or makes me bed- ridden, I have a tendency to lessen its effect on me. I think we as humans have a tendency to do that. We shrink the size of our wounds because someone out there always has it worse. But did you know that each of our wounds matter to God?

God doesn’t need for your symptoms to match up to something on Web MD. God doesn’t need a diagnosis date. He already knows the state of your soul and what is going on inside of you.

Your hurt matters.

Depression has been such a complicated thing for me. It seems that depression has always been intertwined in my soul, waiting to dig its ugly claws into my heart, and it seems that when I am just weak enough, when I have no more strength to rely on what God says about me or the hope He has given me… that is when it attacks.

Depression has a way of hiding its face. It likes to play jokes on us.

Also for me, depression makes me believe I have caused it, or I have done something wrong, it makes me believe I am not worthy of hope, of love. Since it makes me believe I have caused it, it then makes me believe I have the responsibility of fixing it, of overcoming it.

So I take it into my own hands… just making me feel worse. Because I can’t overcome these feelings, this depression on my own.

And all Jesus wants us to do is fall into His sweet arms that are open wide, waiting for us. He wants us to give Him our depression, or whatever it may be for you. He wants you to say, “Lord, I can’t overcome this. I need you.” He wants us to let go of what we are holding so tightly onto, and let ourselves fall into His open arms of mercy and grace.

He doesn’t want us to try to fix our problems, He wants to work our problems out and make them into something beautiful. He doesn’t need our help with our problems, He says He wants them, He wants to do all the work and He just wants us to trust Him with our lives, with our depression, our anxiety. He wants us to trust Him that we will overcome this with His healing hands on us.

Let go, and fall into His arms.

We weren’t made to carry this weight, we were made to be free. And the only freedom is found in our sweet Jesus, who carries the weight of our burdens and sins.

We are weak, in need of a Savior, and Jesus actually wants to be all that you need. He is all we need.

He loves us that much.

We say, Lord I can’t overcome this and He says, I will overcome it for you.



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