conviction to growth.

Living a life for Christ is not easy. It is on this narrow road journey that the true states of our hearts are revealed.

Our hearts full of selfish, self-seeking, sinful desires have been chosen by God to be used. How can this be?  You want us Jesus.

This journey is filled with loss, conviction, pain, growth, joy, tears, happiness, God’s glory being revealed, repentance, getting up from the rut we fell in. This journey is hard- it’s hard coming face to face with the exact sin that nailed Jesus to the cross.

Conviction hurts, and it makes me want to run. It makes me want to give up sometimes. I needed to confess that to you, because when we tell our sin to others, Satan can no longer use that dirty dark secret within us.

Right now on my journey, this week I have faced a lot of conviction and my heart began to harden- overwhelmed with my sin and the pain of it. I also have a tendency to run when things get tough.

But God reminded me of His huge throne of grace available at all times. He reminded me that without conviction, growth cannot occur.

I encourage you right now that the weight of your sin is never too great for our Savior. You have been given a chance to be forgiven and then grow from this conviction. 

love broke thru- tobymac

power to redeem – lauren daigle

Eye-opening post considering the purpose behind conviction of sin. Rather than avoiding it, Christians should embrace it & return to relationship with God. (Psalm 51)


3 thoughts on “conviction to growth.

  1. It’s tough to confess to people sometimes, I find it easier to confess to God, maybe cause He already knows. But the freedom it brings is awesome. James 5:16 is a good verse “Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed…”


    1. I totally agree with you, like for me I find it easier to confess through writing such as this blog. I also think maybe God wants us to confess to others so that others know they aren’t the only one struggling with something and God uses our brokenness to unite us, ya know? Thank you for sharing that verse 🙂


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