the most precious treasure.

Jesus is like a treasure chest.

With his help, He opens the lid of the treasure chest for us to begin a journey and relationship with Him. At first, we are so amazed by the brightness and love of Jesus and we just stand there in awe of Him. But soon after, our eyes get used to the light and adjust- not because Jesus’ light fades but because our hearts are constantly becoming used to what we are given, constantly jumping to the next big thing; instead of taking time to uncover the deeper treasures buried way beyond the surface.

Jesus gives us this open treasure chest to dive into, but He also gives us the choice to jump in or not. When we dive in, there is endless love, joy, and truth to discover. Jesus is a mysterious, yet freely available treasure chest given to us. But, we have the decision to jump in, just stand there, or walk away.

When you jump and dive into Him and His treasure chest, He will take you on a journey of discovering precious truth comparable to gold chocolate coins that He helps you unravel and feast on. The treasure chest is endless- there is always more of Jesus to uncover and fall in love with.

But He leaves the choice up to you… will you dive in to uncover the precious gold that is available to you? 

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He is holding the key for you to begin a precious life journey with Him.


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