truth sets us free.

Freedom is found in the truth and the truth is found in Jesus. 

Everything on earth is fleeting, our emotions are fleeting, our feelings are fleeting, our thoughts are fleeting… we as humans are fleeting, it is impossible for us to be consistent.

What I am saying is that we can’t rely on what we think or what we feel, we need to rely on the only true thing and that is Jesus. Jesus alone, His Word is the only truth.

For example, we may feel rejected because a friend doesn’t tell us something major that happened to them. That feeling of rejection makes us believe she doesn’t trust us, or that we don’t deserve to know, and we let it stomp on our self-esteem or increase our pride and we either get upset with ourselves, or get upset with our friend and don’t talk to her. This causes even more of a mess and it is just a mess spiraling out of control (aka the enemy doing his job.)

It is impossible for us to know the absolute truth behind everything, and that truth could be that your friend just didn’t get to tell you yet, maybe she was waiting for the right time, or maybe she was too hurt to talk about it.

Assumptions: these are what our feelings and emotions make. 

Assumptions, I believe, are always some kind of deception. When you assume something, you don’t know the truth so you are making your own truth in your brain.

Which also leads to communication and the importance of it… we are so quick to assume things without even talking to the other person. It is quite crazy actually.

Think back to a time maybe when you and a close friend got in a fight and at the end you both realize it was all just because you made assumptions about how the other person felt.

Here is something I found that explains this way better than I can: assumption article

So, where is the truth found? The absolute, undeniable truth is found in the Word of God.

“You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

Ask God to show you any deception and assumptions in your life and ask Him to lead you into the truth, seek His word and immerse yourself in the absolute truth. Ask a friend if they see anything you’re holding onto in your life that is causing deception, because sometimes we are so blinded that we can’t see it on our own.


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