in time.

God is something else; wonderfully mysterious, the most magical artist ever to be known.

The way He uses our darkest moments, our greatest doubts, our tiniest moments of faith to paint a much grander picture… it is indescribable… He is indescribable.

Isn’t it crazy that the things we struggle with the most, God works and wills in us to create some of His most glorifying gifts through us?

Right now, I want to encourage you that if you are doubting, if you are anxious, if you are depressed, if your faith is the size of a poppy seed, whatever it may be… keep going. Keep pressing into Jesus.

He is always at work in us, He is always creating and shaping us to be more and more beautiful, for His light to shine brighter and brighter through us.

I have always loved the imagery of God being our artist, working on us. When I am struggling with something and it seems so dark, this image God has painted in my mind of Him being my artist, helps me keep going. I imagine Him molding and shaping my rough edges, bringing life back into the dead and damp parts of me, Him working so intricately on His art.

Maybe it will help you too?

I encourage you to find whatever it may be to keep the faith in the hardest of moments and to always remember that the most beautiful art is not created overnight, but it is a process involving time, patience, and endurance… and we have the most wonderful, amazingly cool, graciously loving artist to hold us up along the way, to keep us the most intimate company, and to love even the darkest, ugliest parts of us.

Let go and let Him make you into wonderful art that you could never be on your own.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11


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