God + Coffee.

Love and Restoration

Our days can be hard. Every day can feel like a treacherous mountain that we feel like we’re climbing with little to no strength. Sometimes it’s hard to situate your body to simply get out of bed.

Life can hit like train and sometimes we feel like we’re just mere molecules floating through this life. But we’re so wrong about that!

We were created as these complex human beings that have such a greater purpose in our lives because of the One who created us!

We need to remind ourselves daily of our incredible purpose, that we might not even know yet!

Every morning, I put aside a chunk of time where I drink my coffee and dive into God’s Word. Let me tell you, this can change your whole view on your day; God will change your view of the day ahead of you.

The second you put your…

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2 thoughts on “God + Coffee.

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like mere molecules. Lol. But definitely have hard times, questions, doubts, fears. But many times those make me grow closer to God. I want to know Him fully. Coffee and the Bible are a good combination. 🙂


    1. Hehe, that made me laugh! My roommate actually wrote this! But yup, it is pretty incredible that God uses the darkest and hardest times in our light to shine the most light through us. God is a pretty cool dude and I agree… 🙂

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