He remains faithful.

I am beginning to think that God may be out of His mind. He may be crazy, or just crazy in love with us.

This is who our God is. He is a faithful God, He never goes against His word, He never cuts His love for you short, and He never ever gives up on you.

We have times in our lives where we hate God, where we don’t trust Him whatsoever, we don’t talk to Him, we don’t read His word, we go back to our old sin, we rely on our own strength, or on other humans… YET God remains faithful. 

I don’t understand. Why do you remain faithful to us God? Why, after the 50th time of making the same mistake, do you still want to bring us into your arms and heal us and discipline us?

How do you still love us?

It is simply who God is. He is a good, good Father who never ever gives up on us. Faithfulness is apart of who He is.

He doesn’t want us to be stuck, He doesn’t want us to live for the world, He doesn’t want us to be depressed, or experience loss and pain and death… but He knows we are going to for we are in a fallen world, but during those times and every moment of our lives, He wants us to look to Him, to remember what He has done for us thus far, how faithful He is, and to believe Him.


God is faithful and He is working something in you right now for a greater purpose. He is always at work for your good, it may not be what we want, but God knows what is best for us and He wants to lead us to it.

If you feel like you’ve been faithless, remember this verse and get back up and get back up again and again and again cause God is not letting you go.

Help us always be in awe of your faithfulness Jesus, help us to trust you more, to believe you more and more.


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