For some reason, I always find myself by water

When my heart is achy and my soul is lonely.

I guess God knows my soul becomes free here,

Completely encompassed by the beauty around me,

My mind becomes still,

My heart beats ever so gently.

The truth of who You are is found within Your creation.

When we place ourselves somewhere where we are engulfed completely by things unmade by man,

Our souls are reminded that this earth is not our home

And we are forever longing for something greater.

The beauty of You, of eternity is found within the flow of the water,

The waves gently coming up onto the shore,

The trees, so bare and vulnerable due to the winter

… kind of reminding me of myself.

But yet,

The trees are still standing,

Even through the snowfall and the bitter cold.

They know that spring will be here soon and that the bitter will turn into a soft warmth,

It will all be worth it



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