just love.

Sometimes things become so messy and confusing and we begin to forget our greatest purpose.

Sometimes we are so overcome with trying to fix people and to speak truth to them and to help them overcome their depression or their addiction.

Sometimes we can just see why people are in pain and we want to tell them how to get out of it, we want to give them our advice.

Sometimes we see the path people are taking and we want to grab them and pull them off that path.

Sometimes we just keep talking and talking and talking and talking to people about what they should do…

That we forget to just love them. 

We forget that without love we are nothing. 

We forget that love is the greatest healer.

We forget that love is the greatest teacher.

We forget that love is more powerful than our beings. 

We forget that love can overcome anything. 

We forget to just love. 

Next time, before you act or speak, just love.

Love is bigger than us and always will be. 

So love in every moment you have, love everyone around you, love big, love deeply, love unceasingly, love even when it is painful.

“So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I’m bankrupt without love.”

and one more thing I want you to know, you are loved… you are loved beyond comprehension, you matter, you are wonderful, you are worth it…now go spread that love to someone else who needs it:-)


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