I think grace for us, or at least for me is an unfathomable word. It is hard for me to really understand what grace is and it’s exact definition. Grace just seems to be one of those words that keeps spiralling into a broader and wider definition that my mind just can’t fully grasp. I don’t think we will ever fully understand grace and how much of it we have been given until the day Jesus returns. But, I do know that I become more thankful for the grace of God when I remember who I was without Him and where I would be now if He never came into my life and heaped grace, mercy, and love upon me. It is a challenge everyday to notice the grace given to us by God and through other people, especially since we are so prideful. Grace is an unending wonder to discover and a challenge to show to others continually. Which is why, it just brings me back into awe of who God is- that grace is actually apart of His character, of who He is and He just makes me stand more in amazement of Him everyday.


Thank you for the amazing grace you have heaped upon me, the most undeserving. Help me to show grace to others in every single circumstance I am in. Remind me everyday of how undeserving of Your love I am and remind me that is only by your grace and mercy that you have brought me into a relationship with you. It is simply who you are Father, nothing I am or ever will be and I need reminded of that every moment. Help me to remember the grace you have given me and help me to show it to others freely. Thank you for being so wonderful, thank you for being the most wonderful example and thank you that we do not have to rely on our own strength Jesus but on the strength of your Holy Spirit. You simply amaze me, I don’t know how else to describe it. I love you.

In Your Name, Amen.


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