moment by moment.

Sometimes life weighs on us.

Sometimes our anxiety bombards our mind and we lose sight of who we are and who Jesus is.

Sometimes our depression keeps us from finding the joy that is found in Jesus.

But in Psalm 23 it says, “the Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.”

I lack nothing.

God is all I need.

I don’t need my mind to be fixed.

I don’t need my anxiety to be cured right at this moment.

I don’t need to be 100% fine and dandy to be held in the arms of Jesus, to be loved intensely by the sweet love of Jesus.

I don’t need to dust myself off and present my very best self for Jesus to run up to me and wrap His arms around me.

I just need to come as I am.

Cause Jesus wants to hold me, no matter how sad I feel, no matter how poopy I feel.

Jesus just wants to hold me in His arms and love me with the most intense, passionate, self-less love there ever will be.

So we need to take life moment by moment and let His grace fill those moments.

He loves us more in a moment than someone could in a lifetime.

So let each moment consume you, let God fight for you.

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