jesus as a healer.

I think so often we forget all that Jesus really is.

He didn’t just come to save us and give us a place to stay after we die.

He came to heal us and to use us as His ambassadors, His disciples.

He wants to take us on a beautiful journey, a journey to both His heart and our heart and to the hearts of others.

He wants to heal you. He wants to mend your brokenness and heal your wounds. He wants to take the weight of your wounds off you and use your newly mended wounds to transform your heart and clear your vision.

Your wounds have been built up over the years, some are very deep rooted wounds that may be even forgotten and some are acutely fresh wounds that are still burning the ridges of your heart.

We were never meant to conceal our wounds. We were never meant to just forget about our wounds. Jesus came to heal the hardness those wounds cause, the pain those wounds cause.

The only proposition is that those wounds have to be uncovered and exposed. It may be a little unpleasant to bring those wounds back to the forefront of your heart, but He will help you. It will cause you to be vulnerable; something a lot of us don’t particularly prefer and something the world looks down upon. It will dare you to lay yourself out, exposed before God and man.

It is a beautiful, yet terrifying thing. It is hard, I know.

But, your heart was never meant to be this way. Jesus wants to restore your heart back to what it was meant to be. He wants you to feel those passions and desires He has placed within your heart, once again. Those dreams and grand adventures you once conjured up of when you were young can be awakened again.

Your heart is meant to beat, it is meant to feel, it is meant to love and it is meant to soar way higher than you could ever imagine.

Ask Him to show you your wounds, your hurts that you have forgotten about. The wounds that have not been forgiven or confronted. Let Him heal you. Let Him love you- cause He most definitely will.

Let your heart soar...AW Tozer:


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