prayer: love for Brunei & China.

Dear Jesus, 

We pray for Brunei and China today and the people that live in these restricted nations. Lord, we ask that you shower your love on them and fill their hearts with love and perseverance. We just want them to know you Lord and know that you are our Savior- you died for us, you bore our shame on the cross and you did this so we would be free. Free from condemnation. Free to offer ourselves and love. You want a relationship with us Jesus, you want us to communicate with you and experience your unending love personally. You are a personal God and we pray that the people in these areas would experience this truth- the truth of the Gospel. Thank you Jesus for you, for how you love us and you never stop loving us, you want to take our shame, our guilt and fill us with your love. We pray for your people to experience this and we pray that by your power they would be broken free from the chains that hold them back from seeking you, from believing in you, the chains that lie to them and keep them in sin. Lord we are all sinners, and it is only in Jesus that we are free from the condemnation from sin, from ourselves. In you there is grace, there is mercy. Thank you Jesus for being so dang awesome. We love you and we want your people who don’t know you Jesus to experience this love. 

In Your Name we pray,


Make us more aware of your people Lord. Remind us and show us the need of their heart’s. Lay it on our hearts to always pray for your people. Help us to see the hearts of people, the need, instead of casting judgement. Humble us and help our eyes to always look to you Jesus.

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord! Day 129 #scripture365:


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