prayer: love for Azerbaijan.

“Islam is the main religion of Azerbaijan. 99.2 percents of the country’s population are Muslims. About 85 percents of Azerbaijani Muslims profess Shia Islam while 15 percents are Sunni Muslims.” -Google

Lord, today we lift up the nation of Azerbaijan to you. We pray that by your power, your love and your light would break through the darkness here. We pray that your presence would be powerful here and that your people would come to know you Jesus. We pray for the government Lord, you know what is going on here and you know what needs to be done so Lord, we pray that your will would be done here. Thank you Lord that we are able to pray so freely, thank you that we are able to carry our bible around. Thank you for our freedom here. Thank you Jesus for your unending love, your love that heals us and restores us. We want your people around the world to experience your love Lord. In your name, Amen. 

Her favorite subject in school was her social justice class. In this class she learned how she can help people and why. Also it was her favorite because she could relate to it a lot and incorporate it into her life with ease.:

Keep praying.


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