sponsor a child.

About a year ago, God placed it in my heart to sponsor a child through World Vision. Every month, money is donated to this little girl from Ghana I sponsor and it has provided her with food and water and essentials to survive. The coolest part about this is that you can write your child letters, emails, and even send packages; it may take awhile, but they will write you back with the help of volunteers in their countries. My little girls name is Bigmebil and I am definitely going to brag about her, she is the cutest little girl ever and she is so sweet. We have sent multiple letters back and forth and in one of the most recent letters I received, she wrote I love you and I hope you come visit me one day. Needless to say, my eyes got a little watery. The point of this message is not just to share a story, but to share my story with Bigmebil and hope that it may touch your heart. Children around the world are dying, to put it bluntly. They are dying. I know money is tight, it is tight for me, but think about all that we have. We have water, we have food, even if it’s just ramen noodles, it is there. We don’t have to walk 8 miles down the road to a watering hole to get dirty water to be able to drink. We are blessed beyond a doubt. No matter what you believe, what religion you are, you can make a difference in the world. You can make a difference in a child’s life. You can send them letters and bring a smile to their face. Imagine the possibilities. It is much better to give than to receive. Here is a link to the website where you could sponsor children, even if you can’t afford sponsorship, you could make a one time donation, or at least just check it out.

click me :-)

You can help kids across the world. You can get to know their special hearts and send them hope:)


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