in times of w a i t

Waiting is something we all absolutely hate to do.

Waiting makes us anxious, nervous, fearful, bored… then after awhile we may even forget what we are waiting for.

Are you in a period of wait? Do you feel like your doing nothing meaningful in these precious moments of time?

I do and it is one of my biggest struggles. I feel most beautiful when God is using me to further His kingdom and these past couple months have been slow. It has made me feel further from God, distant from His Holy Spirit.

But His Spirit is near, He is nearer than ever in these days. 

Today Jesus told me, “do not doubt my presence, I am closer than you know.”

He is with us.

emmanuel: God with us


This period is meant for something. Look for little ways you can serve God. Encourage someone, smile at a stranger, give to an organization, pray for the world and pray for it again, sing a song to Jesus, write to Him, write to a friend or family member- remind them you’re thinking about them. Go outside and find Jesus in the veins of the leaves, in the sunshine hitting your face, in laughter you hear from across the street, in a conversation with your mom… HE IS W I T H US. right now. always.


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