hidden in Christ 

I don’t exactly know how this post will flow or what God wants to get out of me but I know I have a budging to write.

Lately, I’ve been learning about so many different things that all connect in a way. But what my mind is pressing toward right now is how we have to stop hiding; hiding from ourselves, from others, and from God.

Our walk with God is not perfect and it will never be. We all have struggles. We all have doubts. We need to stop pretending like everything is fine and dandy. Let’s be so excruciatingly real with ourselves, with others, and most importantly God. He already knows what were feeling, what our thoughts are, so stop pretending you’re okay. If you’re struggling in your walk with Him, if you’re struggling to love others… Or even yourself, if you can’t let go of what someone did to you… Tell Him. Tell yourself. Tell others. Don’t separate yourself from yourself. Be real. Be honest.

You know what is so beautiful? God takes that brokenness inside and He makes it so unbelievably beautiful. 

Our struggles can be transformed by God.

Let’s show the world that as followers of Jesus, yes, we mess up, we doubt, were broken, were not always loving and forgiving BUT that is the exact reason Jesus came to save us. With Jesus we are forgiven, set free, made whole, loved, shown peace… It is only by God and His grace and mercy through Jesus Christ that our brokenness inside is made beautiful.

“By His wounds you are healed”


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