Fix, fix, fix

Lately, I have been stressing out so much, trying to fix myself and I finally had a realization today. I do not need to know completely who I am right now, I am not yet done growing and transforming. Everyday, is a chance to better yourself and grow but it is not the end of your growth; you will never stop. I think that the world puts so much pressure on us, with the internet and self-help books, how to think positively, how to attract the right things into your life, blah blah blah. I think the problem is that we think too much, we think too much about how we look, what other people think of us, why am I thinking this way, why am I like this? We need to stop and breathe and let God in control of the situation. It is okay to feel how you are feeling. It is okay that you do not totally grasp you are right now. Tell that little perfectionist voice inside of you to shut up, you will never be perfect at anything you do. You will mess up and stumble and fall so many times, you will be disappointed with yourself. But you can’t stay mad at yourself, you can’t blame yourself over and over again. Get back up, make little goals and do little things that make you happy, like enjoying that cup of coffee in the morning, drawing, sitting outside watching the sunset. God is watching over you right now and His grace is overflowing. Do not doubt yourself, for you may be doubting God.

Psalm 43...


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