living artwork.

What will you have left when your physical being deteriorates? You will not have beauty. The only thing you will have left is what makes you you, your soul and your mind. It is such a beautiful yet terrifying thing when you really start to learn about your soul and you; your individuality. How you have a mind that is always thinking something or always having little epiphanies throughout the day. You have certain things that start a fire in your heart and burn you up with this intense passion, you didn’t even know you had. How when you’re having an anxiety attack, you are able to calm yourself down or how you are able to understand why you are feeling this way. How you have little odd quirks about you and little things that make you happy or even sad, that no one else may comprehend. How you have your favorite songs and movies that you can listen to and watch over and over again. How you may have some special talent nobody knows about, maybe you don’t even realize it is a talent yet. Notice these things you do, these things about yourself that you may like or dislike and then understand that they make you who you are. You are your own work of art in the way you think, feel, create, and communicate, in every aspect of your very being. Never try to diminish the power you have inside of you; your love, your creativity, your ideas and thoughts, your imaginations. Use those special parts of you to break through the darkness and let that light inside of you shine through. Learn to work with that mind of yours and make life your own piece of artwork.

Art by: Alexej von Jawlensky


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