oddly beautiful.

As I am learning more and more about myself, I am realizing how many odd things I like and odd things I do. It kind of makes me fall in love with myself, I don’t want that to sound arrogant but it is true. In times of loneliness, you have to learn how to make the most of every single bit of those moments. Those are precious moments for you to learn about yourself, teach yourself something new that you never knew before, become interested in a new topic and Google the heck out of it til it bores you then find something new to do. Make up a song, teach yourself how to sing, make up a dance, pretend your in a freaking music video aka my personal favorite. I don’t know why but picturing my life as a video makes me feel kind of important, like someones watching or something. I also like to take quizzes online like the ones on play-buzz, even the stupid ones like what is your soul mate celebrity, I mean if you think kind of deep into it, it can teach you something about yourself or maybe inspire you to become what you want to be. Find a passion that you could never picture yourself doing, for example I NEVER ever sing in front of people, but when I am alone I pretend I am Annie singing the sun will come out tomorrow. True story and it actually made me really happy and got me through some tough days. My point is to dream; if you’re not happy where you are at right now, take yourself somewhere else. Transform your world into a work of art. Make everything you do oddly beautiful. Paint your world; fill it with odd colors and bright blue skies, never forget to paint the sun to remind yourself that it is always shining down on you. Turn whatever your dealing with into art, be bigger than yourself. Find out the weird things you like about yourself, the weird things that inspire you. Liberate yourself.

Art by: Alexandra Levasseur


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