Finding Yourself

As my first semester is coming to a close, I have learned so much about myself and grown so much as a person. God put me here to be alone with myself and with my thoughts. A lot of times, we are constantly surrounded by noise and business that we don’t have the time to just sit and think and reflect in the presence of God. He has taught me so much about myself it is unreal. He has helped me create plans and goals for my future that I never even thought of before. This experience has been such an eye opening experience for me. I feel like now I can really live out who I wanna be. I am different and I am weird but that is how He made me. I do not want to be a follower of this world, I want to be different. I want to live my life in a way that pleases God only. I want to live an exciting life, maybe travel the world and see all the beautiful creations God has made for us to enjoy. I want to experience the different art people make, it is so beautiful how everyone has their own art. Whether it be dancing, singing, drawing, painting, making music, writing, designing; there is no limitation to art and that is what makes it so intriguing to me. Life is art, when you really think about it; how someone puts them self together can be art. I think it is a shame when people think they have to conform to this world or follow some sort of pattern. That is not what life is all about. It is what you make it, live; live loud. Don’t be afraid to hid yourself because of your talent or your beauty inside. Show yourself, do not shrink yourself. You are unique and special and beautiful in so many different ways. You have to acknowledge the weird things you do, that is usually what intrigues people the most.

Take a leap of faith into the unknown once in awhile


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