Have you hit a plateau?

Have you ever felt like you were so on fire for God at some point in your life and then suddenly it just started to diminish? You’re like where did that part of me go. I feel as though we call it plateauing in our walk with God. Awhile ago I started my first year of college and I was pretty far from God when school first started but I joined a Christian group and we went on this fall conference and God just lit my soul on fire, I was full of joy and hope and ready to face all my battles, knowing God is on my side and He has a plan for me. That fire in my soul lasted about a month and don’t get me wrong I still have a strong desire to seek God and know Him but I just feel like lately I am not serving my full purpose here. I am just doing school work and studying, that’s all. I’ve always been the kind of person that needs to keep myself busy to feel like I’m serving a purpose in my life or someone else’s. For some reason, it really sunk in this week where I feel like I am just slugging around, I have no desire to accomplish my work or anything. But I realized I am failing to see the bigger picture here, God put me here so I could grow as a woman and really learn about myself and figure out who I wanna be. Also, so I could get a degree so I can go onto to teach, that is if that’s what God has in store for me. I think the hardest part in our walk with God is having patience, we want Him to reveal to us His plans for us right now. During this time when we need to have patience, it is so easy for us to lose focus, faith and trust in God. We need to remember that every situation and place God puts us in has a purpose and sometimes we fail to see it because we become impatient. We need to have faith and remain open for God to show us His plan while we wait. So push through, keep seeking God and trusting in Him. He is there and He has a firm grip on you. He is working silently but diligently behind the scenes of your life.


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